Cocktail Vs Mocktail

People often wonder and misused the word cocktail and mocktail on their menu without knowing the meaning of the term. Here in Teaffani Catering, we would like to share the different meaning of cocktail and mocktail.

Cocktail is defined as an alcoholic beverage with a mixture of two or more alcoholic beverages to create one mix of alcoholic drink.  Therefore, labeling cocktail as the name of your drink when there is no alcohol is the wrong usage of the word. Hence any alcoholic beverages when it is mix with other types of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage it is still considered mocktail due to the fact that there is a presence of alcohol in the drink. Examples of this types of drinks such as pina colada, bloody-Mary, and long island tea

 Mocktail derived from the word mock, which means to imitate. Thus, it is to imitate cocktails as mocktails is a mixture of two Non-alcoholic beverages. Normally mocktail has an imitation of its cocktail brothers but with no presence of alcohol which they will add Virgin in front of the drink name. Example, virgin mojito, virgin pina colada and many more.  Therefore, as long as you mixed two or more non-alcoholic beverage for example juices, dairy products with an extra acidic flavor or bubbly soda water it is considered mocktail.  For instance, our very own Bandung Soda which is actually mocktail.

So now you know what is the difference between cocktail and mocktail. We at teaffani catering also will share with you a recipe to make Virgin Mojito(Mocktail) which you can serve it to your guest during dinner or house party.

Virgin Mojito Recipe

  1. Whole lime – 1 nos
  2. Brown sugar – 2 Tsp
  3. Crushed Ice – 1 cup
  4. Mint leaves – 12 leaves
  5. Soda water – 1 can


  • Cut the lime and remove the seed
  • Mashed the lime together with the brown sugar till the brown sugar
  • Halfway mashing the lime and brown sugar add the mint leaves and continue mashing until it is the sugar is dissolved.
  • Next, add the crushed ice and the soda water.
  • Stir gracefully to ensure the beverage have the leafy effect
  • Then take one mint leaves as garnish and serve to guest.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-16 at 5.16.40 PM.jpeg

When it comes to making mocktails try not to limit your creativity, try various garnishing and ingredient that compliments the taste.

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