Teaffani CSR Gastronomy Canape Competition 2018

Our first ever students CSR gastronomy Canape competition event held at Teaffani HQ yesterday. What a honor to witness so many young and talented future chefs with their wonderful masterpiece! Congratulations once again to the 3 winners and couldn’t say thank you enough to those who has participated, Judges Chef Doul, Chef Sufiz and special guest Chef Hazique Zudean Jamal Guest Speaker Chef Fadzly Che Omar, who enlighten us about how The Impact of Gastronomy towards Malaysian Culture. To all the contestants, we hope you can take this as an opportunity to push yourself to next level and continue to grow, shine and contribute.

Winner name list Winner – CINDY LEE XIN YI from YTL International College

1st Runner Up – UMI ASMAT BINTI ROSLAN from Silverspoon International College

2nd Runner Up – SITI HAJAR BINTI ALI from UiTM

Participating College & University

Academy of Culinary Arts Malaysia

YTL International College of Hotel Management

Silverspoon International College UPM FIM MSU UITM


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