Teaffani CSR Gastronomy Canape Competition 2018

Our first ever students CSR gastronomy Canape competition event held at Teaffani HQ yesterday. What a honor to witness so many young and talented future chefs with their wonderful masterpiece! Congratulations once again to the 3 winners and couldn’t say thank you enough to those who has participated, Judges Chef Doul, Chef Sufiz and special guest Chef Hazique Zudean Jamal Guest Speaker Chef Fadzly Che Omar, who enlighten us about how The Impact of Gastronomy towards Malaysian Culture. To all the contestants, we hope you can take this as an opportunity to push yourself to next level and continue to grow, shine and contribute.

Winner name list Winner – CINDY LEE XIN YI from YTL International College

1st Runner Up – UMI ASMAT BINTI ROSLAN from Silverspoon International College

2nd Runner Up – SITI HAJAR BINTI ALI from UiTM

Participating College & University

Academy of Culinary Arts Malaysia

YTL International College of Hotel Management

Silverspoon International College UPM FIM MSU UITM


Cocktail Vs Mocktail

People often wonder and misused the word cocktail and mocktail on their menu without knowing the meaning of the term. Here in Teaffani Catering, we would like to share the different meaning of cocktail and mocktail.

Cocktail is defined as an alcoholic beverage with a mixture of two or more alcoholic beverages to create one mix of alcoholic drink.  Therefore, labeling cocktail as the name of your drink when there is no alcohol is the wrong usage of the word. Hence any alcoholic beverages when it is mix with other types of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage it is still considered mocktail due to the fact that there is a presence of alcohol in the drink. Examples of this types of drinks such as pina colada, bloody-Mary, and long island tea

 Mocktail derived from the word mock, which means to imitate. Thus, it is to imitate cocktails as mocktails is a mixture of two Non-alcoholic beverages. Normally mocktail has an imitation of its cocktail brothers but with no presence of alcohol which they will add Virgin in front of the drink name. Example, virgin mojito, virgin pina colada and many more.  Therefore, as long as you mixed two or more non-alcoholic beverage for example juices, dairy products with an extra acidic flavor or bubbly soda water it is considered mocktail.  For instance, our very own Bandung Soda which is actually mocktail.

So now you know what is the difference between cocktail and mocktail. We at teaffani catering also will share with you a recipe to make Virgin Mojito(Mocktail) which you can serve it to your guest during dinner or house party.

Virgin Mojito Recipe

  1. Whole lime – 1 nos
  2. Brown sugar – 2 Tsp
  3. Crushed Ice – 1 cup
  4. Mint leaves – 12 leaves
  5. Soda water – 1 can


  • Cut the lime and remove the seed
  • Mashed the lime together with the brown sugar till the brown sugar
  • Halfway mashing the lime and brown sugar add the mint leaves and continue mashing until it is the sugar is dissolved.
  • Next, add the crushed ice and the soda water.
  • Stir gracefully to ensure the beverage have the leafy effect
  • Then take one mint leaves as garnish and serve to guest.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-16 at 5.16.40 PM.jpeg

When it comes to making mocktails try not to limit your creativity, try various garnishing and ingredient that compliments the taste.

The Fruits of our Labour…

Trees absorption of CO2 is averagely 22 kg per year and everyday trees supply Oxygen for up to 4 people. Moreover, they also help cleanse the air that we are breathing right now and they will continue to do so for our future generation if we take care of them. So questions we ought to ask ourselves are trees worth planting and preserving?

Deforestation and development are activities that we unable to say stop as the population will continue to grow and we will need more land for the development as it is something beyond our control. Nonetheless, we can help out in another way.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-13 at 9.34.04 AM (3)
Our Team Teaching Basic Gardening

Like any cliché answer “we will start planting trees for our CSR Program” after the plating what is next? So Teaffani Catering realized that planting tree alone will not have that much of an impact. Thus, instead of planting trees that will grow and will only provide oxygen for us. We at Teaffani Catering decided to create a mini garden which we are able to see the fruit of its labor physically. So we did a mini vegetable garden such as okra, white eggplant, Chili, and more.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-13 at 9.34.04 AM
The End Result

The reason we have this garden is to help the environment as well as allows us to enjoy the fruit of our labor 3 months down the line. This activity has more impact as the employees of Teaffani Catering will appreciate and understand the benefit of planting our natural oxygen provider.

We are aware there are no stopping population, technology, and development of the world. However, we have other ways to help the world for the use for our future

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-15 at 5.29.04 PM
Our Okra’s Sprout

generation.  This is our responsibility as the current tenant of the earth. You won’t plant thousands of acres of tree and have a forest in a day, and we have to start somewhere.  “All big things have a small beginning” (David, 2012) so stop whining and start planting.

Teaffani Academy Training

Month: March 2018

Location: Teaffani Academy

We have conducted a free training session by Asst. Banquet Manager Mr Haniff M for Teaffani’s par-timers on basic etiquette to work for catering events and type of serving styles available. We are glad that everyone had fun and something beneficial for their knowledge.


A Little Help Is Better Than A Thousand Pities

Having a family is gift from god almighty, as no one will be complete without a family to always be there for you especially to share your ups and down moments. However, the children that we visited do not have that privilege to have a family to come back to, to have a family to cry on whenever life brings them down. That privilege has been revoked from them, it is not a pretty sight to endure especially for kids that age who have just started living and embarking on their life’s journey.  Sometimes, it made us wonder can we be that strong to survive a life like them as we have been fully sheltered with cloths and warm of our family, food on our table, Which we forget those have not been cherished as so.

Teaffanian have organized our CSR event under the theme of career and education development as well as a food drive for RACTAR Orphanage USJ 1. In this event we shared them what is it like to follow this culinary journey with Chef Doul’s experience, to see their faces thrilled in Chef Doul’s experienced in the culinary arts environment. From their faces we can see their happiness just because someone is willing to share his experience and a bit of laughter.

Furthermore we have also organized a slot for grooming and interview etiquette in order to prepare the secondary school in the working environment. As it will ensure they are well prepared before heading to an interview for example what to wear, how to wow the interviewer, what are thing you should avoid and also the interviewer expectation that was presented by Aiman Hafiz J Human Resource and Training Department

Moreover, we have also organized few games with the primary kids to let them have a little fun. Seeing them so happily playing participating with the games we organized not because they are waiting for the prizes but the love and care from a big sister to a small sister is what they enjoyed the most. Seeing those emotional struck so hard and we realized that we aren’t strong enough to have faced what they are facing.  Although the little kids were happily playing and embracing the moment as much as possible because they know it is only for a short while and then back to square one.

However, in all of this I am proud to say that our Teaffanian are sticking to our core value which is culture number 4 “care” which means take care of one another. This doesn’t imply just for our Teaffanian family only but those in need as well. We are able to see for the time our Teaffanian spared to enjoy and organize the event shows we care. As the saying goes “a little help is better than a thousand pities” so share your blessing and make someone happy.

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